About Us : History
The WAA is a world-wide title sanctioning body for professional boxing. It was founded in early 1981 by Pat O'Grady, after the World Boxing Association removed his son, WBA World Lightweight Champion Sean O'Grady as champion for not defending against their top contender.  Unfortunately, Sean lost the title in his first defense.  A popular fighter though, Sean O'Grady was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992. Since retiring, O'Grady has worked as a boxing analyst for several television networks.

Since its formation, the WAA has attempted to change and clarify a few of the outdated rules and operating procedures in the world of professional boxing. However, like so many other boxing sanctioning bodies, the WAA struggled against the "Big 3" and eventually met its demise with the passage of the Muhammad Ali Reform Act that required all professional boxing sanctioning bodies to register with the ABC-the Association of Boxing Commissions. Now, the founder of the IBU-the International Boxing Unon has revived the WAA to serve as an associate tier organization to the IBU.  While the history is largely undocumented, we here at the WAA hope that all fans, historians, and officials will aid us in completing the task of reformulating the timeline of titles and lineage.  We at the WAA have implemented a comprehensive Ratings Guide similar to that of the parent IBU.  However, after a twelve (12) month period of holding the WAA World Title or after defending the WAA World Title, the Champion will be granted after petitioning, an opportunity to fight the IBU World Champion in that weight class provided he relinquishes the title after being granted such a fight.  This gives the Champions of the WAA incentive to train, fight, and move up to the next level and not be content to rest on their "laurels".

The WAA has world class Judges and Referees, who have been selected by our own Executive Committee and are among the most respected in their relative fields. All of our officials will attend regular seminars and their performance is constantly assessed. We also will have four (4) Fight Commissioners who will work exclusively for the WAA and attend any promotions with which the WAA is associated. This ensures that our rules and regulations are strictly adhered to and enables the promoter to carry out his own business, safe in the knowledge that through their wealth of experience, our four Commissioners are overseeing the administration of his event.

The WAA will have a reputation for honesty and integrity throughout the sport of which will be rightly proud. We care about the sport in both the long and the short term, and are open to everyone. The only gifts and favours on offer are for the fighters concerned and are covered within their respective contracts.

The WAA prides itself upon its accessibility to both the media and the general public. We have our own web site which is updated regularly, as well as the usual communication infrastructure of telephone, facsimile and Email. We also are working on a full video conferencing facility. All of our primary communication details are listed below.

Tel. (404) 808-9268    Web:
www.WAAboxing.com  Email: office@WAAboxing.com
Address: WAA, 3228 Roswell Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30305 , United States of America